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In the footsteps of a national hero Skanderbeg ...

krujeThe first stop of our trip is the town of Kruja , the hometown of the Albanian national hero Skanderbeg. The city is located in the north central part of Albania, between the top and Kruja Ishem River, about 20 kilometers from the capital Tirana. Just from the local castle 35 years Albanians successfully reflect the Turkish attacks. Ancient history recalls Castle Museum, Oriental bazaar or an old Ottoman house.

kruje02Our second stop will be Tirana, which functions as the administrative, political, economic and cultural center of the whole of Albania. Italian planners and architects have constructed the main square, a wide boulevard, ministry buildings, the National Bank and City Hall. Today Tirana is also a populous city with more than 800 thousand inhabitants.

kruje04National History Museum in Tirana is proud title of the most important museums in Albania. In eight pavilions there are exhibits relating to the history of the whole of Albania from prehistory to the present. The museum is located in the city center and is easily recognized by the huge mosaic on the front facade .

kruje03Most of the Albanian landscape is mountainous. Already very close to Tirana is top Dajti, which runs from the eastern city of lift . Its highest point reaches a height of 1 613 m. slopes and is furnished with pine, oak and beech forests. Put them popular destination trips inhabitants of Tirana and provides spectacular views of the surrounding countryside. This site has been declared a national park.